Brush off those cobwebs – Get those creative juices flowing

  • Writing exercises your brain and as a writer it is important to do this daily, even if it is just for 5 minutes a day.
  • This week my tutor advised my class to make an appointment with ourselves to exercise our brains for 5 minutes a day by giving ourselves licence to write rubbish.
  • To get your creative juices flowing  pick one word and set your timer for 5 minutes and just write as fast as you can without stopping, write as much as you can about that word, even if it doesn’t make sense.  If you get stuck just write blah blah blah until the 5 minute timer goes.
  • The first word my tutor gave me was the colour yellow and I managed to write 191 words in the 5 minutes.
  • The lesson to be learned from this exercise is that when you are writing you must distance yourself from the editor in you and let your creative juices flow.  If you try reading what you have written you will probably throw it away.  It is important that you put your finished product away for a while (maybe 30 minutes), or in the case of an organic script for a novel put it away for a good couple of months.  Then you can get it back out and the editor side of you can then edit your work.
  • Another useful exercise to follow is to choose an inanimate object.  Then write down as much as you can about that object, in a monologue for 5 minutes.  Write down how the inanimate object senses, what it senses, what bothers it, what it likes, where it is, how it mates (if it mates) and how it loves (if it loves) etc.
  • I chose an apple for the second exercise. My monologue about the apple rose to a magnificent word count of 258 words, writing solidly for those 5 minutes.
  • Then the last writing exercise we undertook for the evening was to write a 100 word short story.  But this time the story had to incorporate some of the detail from the first two writing exercises about the colour yellow and about my inanimate object the apple. I had no trouble writing and I wrote a decent short story about these two words in a few minutes.
  • I was amazed about the results from these 3 writing exercises.  I wrote my 100 word short story and edited it in a few minutes flat and it made perfect sense. By writing daily about everything and anything for a short time it helps bring about the inner creator in you.  It encourages you to write with much more speed, productivity and with time you should start to write far better quality work.
  • My tutor had recently been learning about the author Julia Cameron and about unblocking your creativity.  Attached is a link for Julia Cameron’s website. You may like to take a look around her website and read some of the fascinating comments on ‘Julia’s blog’.

Bring out the inner creator in you, give yourself a break, then find your inner editor and make that work the best piece of work you have ever written.

Have a go at these three writing exercises and tell me what you think?

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